Hair Care

Who doesn’t want healthy and bouncy hair! Long, lustrous and silky hair is every woman’s dream. Similarly, men want healthy and fluffy hair that flows with the air, isn’t it? Managing good hair is only possible with a proper haircare routine. How to care for your hair in different seasons, best hair oils, hair care treatments, remedies for hair-related problems, etc. are mentioned here. Know all about hair care in this section.

Hair Care Dos

Here are dos of haircare for healthy hair.

Wash Your Hair Regularly
To eliminate the dirt and dust trapped in the scalp, regular hair wash is very important. Keeping the scalp clean is a must to prevent most hair problems like dandruff, hair falls and hair loss. To promote hair growth, wash your hair with mild shampoo bi-weekly or three times a week. If you have an oily scalp, shampoo every alternate day. You can also use scalp scrub.

Use Chemical-Free Shampoos
Chemicals are highly damaging for hair. These affect the pH level of the scalp and cause hair damage. Using organic and chemical-free shampoos and other haircare products can prevent unnecessary hair damage. you can shop gentle shampoos according to your hair type. Check for parabens and sulphates in your shampoo and avoid using them. Besides, if you think that some product is not suiting you, stop its use.

Condition your hair properly
Hair conditioning is as important as shampooing especially for people with dry, dull and curly hair. Conditioner helps in smoothing and conditioning hair with essential ingredients to protect the outer layer from damage. If you frequently use hair styling tools, you must condition your hair regularly to negate the effects of heat on your hair. Apply conditioner on hair tips and rinse thoroughly.

Air dry your hair
The best way to dry your wet hair is by air-drying them. Blow dry only if necessary as it causes extensive hair damage if done regularly. Using heat can damage the scalp and hair strands. Limit heat use on hair and you’ll notice the difference yourself. Towel dry or air dry your wet hair to reduce the risk of damage. In addition to this, never comb wet hair. Wait for them to dry and then run the comb.

Oil Your Hair Properly
Many people underestimate hair oiling. This is as important as shampooing to nourish and nurture your hair. Massage your scalp while oiling to promote blood circulation in the scalp. It also relaxes the muscles, improves nourishment and stimulates the hair growth process. The best oils for hair growth are almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil.

Always Use A Wide-toothed Comb
After washing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to tame your hair. As hair strands are weak when wet, using a wide-toothed comb reduces hair breakage. You can also use a neem comb for medicinal benefits.

Regularly Trim Your Hair
Trimming is an important part of haircare. Trimming is not getting a haircut but chopping the hair to get rid of split ends. Also, trimming regularly in 6-8 months promote faster hair growth.

Hair Care Don’ts

Here are some haircare don’ts that you need to avoid.

  • Prevent hot showers as hot water strips off natural hair oil from the scalp. Prevent washing your hair with hot water if you are experiencing hair damage. Washing hair with cold or running water is the best.
  • Avoid using chemical treatments as they are highly damaging. These not only disrupt their growth but also trigger hair fall. 
  • Taking stress also causes hair damage. People who worry and take stress experience acute hair loss.
  • Never wash your hair with saltwater as it causes scalp irritation and damage hair cuticles. Wear hair caps during swimming to prevent damage from chlorinated water.